Repair Services

Xenia Shoe & Leather was started in 1982
as a full-service shoe and leather repair shop. We are dedicated to the art of restoring footwear and leather goods to a good-
as-new or better-than-new condition. We
take great pride in the quality of our work
and the professionalism with which it is delivered.

In addition to shoes and boots, we routinely repair luggage, leather jackets, purses,
saddle & tack, zippers on almost anything,
as well as snaps, buckles, bags, circus equipment, scuba gear, tents, tarps and a
long list of oddities and essentials. That’s what makes our job fun!

Our staff includes professional leather
workers with a broad range of talents, from shoe-making and orthotic design to mask-
making and costume design. We even have
a few professional punsters (at least in their
own minds).

Custom-Made Leather Goods

We can custom make leather goods for individuals and for local businesses. Our talents range from replicating favorite bags to fabricating items for the airline industry, computer industry and for circuses worldwide.

Repair Prices

Women’s Shoes
Half Soles & Heels: $49-70
Half Soles Only: $35-45
Heels: $20-36
Protective Soles: $28

Louboutin Protective Soles: $64

*A beautiful shine included with every pair


Men’s Shoes
Full Soles: $70-100
Boot/Work Resole $85-110

Half Soles & Heels: $70+
Half Soles Only: $40-48
Heels: $30-44
*A beautiful shine included with every pair


English Riding Boots

Add Zippers

-to side $90 per boot

-to back $110per boot

-flap at top $50 per pair

Replace Zippers

$80+ each


-Leather $85 avg per boot

-Elastic $60 avg per boot

-Make smaller $80 avg per boot (anti-gusset)

Stretch Calf (up to 2"!)

$15 per boot

Full rubber soles, cork sealed: $54

All of the above, but using Anti-Slip sole $74

Heels Only: $30

Re-Crafting (including new footbed and soles): $78

Re-Craft w/ SOFT FOOTBED $88

Orthopedic Modifications
Orthopedic Build-Ups
Half inch or less: $60
Each additional half inch: $40

Other modifications available,
Call for Quote



Shoes polished/conditioned & waterproofed: $34

Boots polished/conditions & waterproofed: $48

Suede cleaned & waterproofed: $30-50


Prices subject to change

We also do:
• Zipper repair
• Jacket repa
• Luggage repair
• Ball glove repair
• Saddle/Tack repair
• Dye work
• Dance Shoe repair
• Heavy Stitching
• Hand sewing
• Custom work

Professional fabric dry cleaning for clothing

Professional leather dry cleaning

Please call or e-mail
for repair services and prices not listed.


Store Hours:
Mon-Fri: 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Saturday: 9:30 AM - 4:00 PM
Closed Sunday

Store Location:
21 E. Main Street
Xenia, Ohio 45385


Phone: (937) 376-8156


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